Immerse yourself


The history of the Hycesia restaurant is intertwined with that of the Nanì family that for 2 generations have been concerned with offering the very best hospitality. In the early 1970’s Signora Maria Nanì, at the time a primary school teacher, was teaching in Panarea and subsequently in the other Aeolian islands. Maria fell so much in love with the islands that she chose to buy a property that in 1979 became Hycesia. Maria’s love for this land still transpires 30 years on thanks to the next generation that now runs the business.

Today Gaetano and Andrea, partners both in business and in life have become a reference point for anyone looking not only for that warm and welcoming hospitality they have to offer but for real food and genuine cuisine.

So join us and immerse yourselves in this island world of ours and experience the life here in the best way possible.


To explain ourselves…All we did was simply go down, into the sea, among her soft songs and fluid movements that have no limits but that vary ceaselessly in shape and colour. There, among that vitality, the silence, the madness and the grottoes, the traps and deceit, the sea celebrates its eternal rites.

And here , on the surface, so close to the sea, Hycesia will lead you to discover tastes and flavours, to feel and listen to the waves and to lose yourself in the soft spirit of this honest and passionate island.

The Hycesiano siren shall grant you memory and future in this little island of ours in the heart of the Mediterranean.

Welcome to our island !